by Cloanto

Software and Skin Downloads

Here you can download software and skins.


SkinCalc comes in a compact setup file which includes a set of default skins.

Download (2.15 MB) from:

If you would like to link to the SkinCalc software downloads, please link to this page rather than using the file URLs, which are more likely to change.


Calculator skins can be downloaded from the following sites:



December 2003 Skin Pack

The December 2003 Skin Pack contains more than 140 skins in a single archive, ready to copy to the Skins directory of the software.

Download from:

You can also use Software Director to download and install the Skin Pack. Software Director is an optional installation feature of SkinCalc, WorldCalc and Euro Calculator.

Quick Tips

Keep in mind that:

  • All skins (including WorldCalc and Euro Calculator skins) can be used with SkinCalc;
  • Only skins with a unit indicator in the display support the additional currency functionality of WorldCalc and Euro Calculator;
  • Only skins with a banner area work with the unregistered version of WorldCalc.

Additional installation instruction are here.

Skin Archive

A gallery and archive with all skins is here. Skin authors please support the archive by also uploading your skins.